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We hope you enjoy your visit and will find our products to be useful and of the best quality.  This is where you will find a wide variety of our hand-tied calftail and bucktail hair jigs.  Take the interesting tour of our entire site or click on blue box at left "Our Products" to go directly to our store.  Once you have tried our jigs, we feel you will agree that these jigs are the finest looking and the most productive hair jigs on the market.

If you have ever been in the boat catching fish, and need to quickly tie on a new jig only to find the eye of the jig is full of paint....then you will want to try our will never find paint clogged in the eye and our jigs are of the finest quality so you won't even have to tie on a new one that often, unless you just want to change the color.

We also sell painted or unpainted lead jig heads that you can use with your tube jigs or other rubber add-ons.

To learn more about Jimbo and his fishing techniques, be sure to visit our "About Us" page
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                                    ....This was the only thing that we caught crappie on....       

                                          ......Wow!   Super good work. I love the jigs......

                                           .......I tore the Sauger up. 9 fish in an hour! .......
            .......4.6 lbs and 19 inches my biggest crappie yet. Keep makin great jigs Jimbo........

              ......Thanks, those are some pretty jigs... almost hate to throw them in the water......

                    .......Love the Jigs.  Can not wait to feel the "knock" of the crappie ......

....our jigs are the finest looking and most enticing coming thru the stream I  have ever used.....

                               .......I had the biggest crappie I had ever seen using one......

  .......I've caught sauger, catfish, white bass, BM bass, bluegills, rainbow trout and crappie ,,,,,, 
    .......I am very impressed and greatly pleased with your product. I will be ordering more......

                  .......we really tore into the crappie with your crappie knocker jigs.......

.                   ......Your jigs worked out really great and I'll be using them again.,,,,,,,
                     ........Just like I thought, they are the cats meow here on Red Lake,,,,,,,

                         .......this  2.55 pound crappie was caught on a Crappie Knocker .......

.                                        ....your jigs are outstanding. texas crappie love em.....

.....I love the crappie knockers and can't wait to get more......

  ......The quality of the hand tie is second to none......

.....I caught 7 keeper walleye with these so far.....

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Our Grandson Justin with first crappie
Jimbo and Grandson, Justin enjoying a fun day at the lake
Carol showing off her   nice 2 lb. Crappie

My Wife Carol holding 2 lb slab
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Jimbo holding nice Reelfoot Lake Slab
Jimbo with two beautiful
Reelfoot Lake Slabs
Jimbo holding nice fat Reelfoot Crappie
This page was last updated: October 28, 2015
"Our jigs are hand made in the Good ol' USA"
  The Original "Crappie Knocker"
Granddaughter Samantha is having some fun

Jimbo holds 2 beautiful crappie from Reelfoot Lake
It is with great sadness that we are announcing the passing of Jimbo. 
He left us to be with our Lord and Savior on Oct. 21, 2015. 
In honor of his legacy, Jimbo's Jigs will remain open and ran by his son, Ron Law.  Ron is very knowledgeable of the business and looks forward to meeting you all and serving all your fishing needs. 
Thanks so much for being Jimbo's friend throughout the years, he enjoyed working with each one of you!